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Healthcare Business Solutions

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What We Do

Kong & Way allied health business consultants will work with you to grow your practice, while ensuring sustainability and prioritising team cohesion and client experience.

It takes more than just traditional business strategies to manage and grow a healthcare business. Unlike other industries, healthcare business solutions aren't all about numbers. Instead, it's a mixture of passion, compassion, empathy and business.

Having worked extensively with private practice owners in Australia, the Kong & Way consultants approach our healthcare business solutions with the needed sensitivity while remaining business-minded.

With this unique approach, we transform your private practice into a highly efficient and profitable business, so that you can have more time to see clients (or relax!) while your business continues to grow.

How We Do It

Leave the business side to Kong & Way consultants so you can focus on doing what you enjoy and providing the best services that your clients deserve

Maximise Revenue

It might be easier said than done, but Kong & Way makes it possible. See more clients, set the right pricing strategy and use our evidence-based healthcare business solutions to increase your revenue.

Reduce Overheads

Sounds obvious? But finding the holes in your expenses is not always easy. We identify the opportunities to optimise, and help you negotiate for better deals with suppliers and even landlords.

Manage People

A successful practice needs the right people. More importantly, it needs its people to work harmoniously and efficiently. We give you the tools to manage your team effectively and improve culture.

Increase Efficiency

Private practice owners can often do less and earn more. It's just about making the right changes to your business operations. We help you find the opportunities to improve productivity in your practice.

Our Services

Kong & Way offers two types of healthcare business solutions, depending on the specific needs and goals of your private practice

Monthly Programs

Our monthly programs are for private practice owners wanting ongoing business advice from consultants who know the ins and outs of their business. Monthly programs ensure continuity and sustainable, gradual growth for your practice, while giving you a peace of mind having your own consultants to turn to for critical business decisions.

Special Projects

Projects are for ambitious private practice owners who want to accelerate business growth, or anticipate big changes in the future. Project packages are designed to be delivered in a given time frame with a set of goals. At the end of the project, you will be equipped with the right tools and resources to achieve your business objectives.


K&W partners believe in business strategy that sets you up for long-term success. We can help you set a goal and use the most efficient strategies to structure the product, marketing, pricing, operational and financial aspects of your business.


Why stick to old-fashioned ways of business when the world around us is so rapidly changing?
With K&W, your business can grow with our up-to-date industry knowledge and continue to evolve with the implementation of new and dynamic ideas and processes.


Hesitant and struggling business owners often find that their lack of confidence is the biggest roadblock in letting their business flourish. Taking this into account, K&W partners don't only focus on developing your business, but also invest in your personal growth to ensure that you're open to new opportunities and challenges.


At K&W, there is no concern of being stuck in one way of thinking. Our approach to business is flexible and we understand that every business is different. With our adaptable strategies, you'll also learn to be responsive to the needs of your business that may need to be reconfigured from time to time.


When required, the K&W partners will give you the push you need to take that next step that you've been reluctant to take. We're here to make a change alongside you and your team. And we'll remind you every step of the way why you do what you do.


Like the backgrounds of the K&W partners, our approach to consulting is dynamic and full of energy. We combine old and new, simple and complex, and soft and bold to bring to the table the most powerful and effective solutions perfect for your business.


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