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From practice owner to Business Leader

Our focused coaching programs are designed to help build allied health private practice owners into business leaders who lead ethically profitable and sustainable practices.

private practice coaching kong and way

The K&W method

Kong & Way allied health business coaches believe that business success starts from the top down. We coach private practice owners into confident and competent business leaders, thereby helping them to build practices that are:





Private Practice Coaching

Our private practice coaching program guides you to take charge of your practice and lead it in the direction you want, by helping you to become:

Methodical, instead of scattered

Learn how to organise your systems and processes to ensure your practice is built on a solid foundation

Future-ready, instead of short-sighted

Implement strategies that can manage potential red flags as well as support new projects and growth

Enthusiastic, instead of overloaded

Spark your passion and joy by removing the seemingly endless stress and getting the reward for your hard work
private practice coaching kong and way

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private practice coaching kong and way

LEAD your practice...

...into sustainable growth and profitability, a cohesive and collaborative culture, and enjoy:

More time

Free up more of your time to work on the things you want

The lifestyle you want

Make your practice work for you so you can live the life you want

Freedom and joy

Enjoy your work without the constant fear and anxiety

From the K&W clients

From sole practitioner to 9 team members

Private Practice Leader (VIC) business has become infinitely stronger and is growing exponentially. I now feel confident and excited about the future of my practice, whereas before, I felt overwhelmed, unsure, and despondent.

From break-even to profit with 8 team members

Psychology Practice Leader (NSW)
They have been there at my side, and on my side, sharing the growing pains of my business, as if it was their own. They are great listeners and astute business advisers, with sharp brains and soft hearts, who strive to understand and “get” the unique complexities of the business owner, as well as the business.

From break-even to profit with a team of 30+

Psychology Practice Leader (NZ)
They each bring different strengths to the table. Alistair and Danielle support/advise me with everything from marketing, financial planning, compliance and even self care. The future of my business now looks very promising and I can honestly say, it is thanks to Kong and Way!

Become a private practice leader with our coaching program

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