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About Kong & Way

We are here to guide your growth as a private practice leader, so that you can build a sustainable, cohesive, profitable and client-focused practice.

Kong & Way (K&W) is a boutique allied health private practice business coaching and consulting firm that focuses on the client’s potential to grow into strong business leaders, helping them to achieve the private practice success that they envision.

Our coaches believe that one of the most important ingredients of business success is strong leadership, and that inspired leaders inspire others and attract other like-minded, passionate and dedicated people.

This is why we guide you in changing the way you do business, by addressing your practice productivity habits, improving decision-making processes and focusing on the people in your practice.

We work with each private practice owner on an individual basis, ensuring that our path forward is completely customised to each client’s needs, practice size and health. As such, we work with private practice owners who are truly driven to look inwards to identify their needs and goals, and committed to work towards becoming a competent and confident business leader.

private practice coaching kong and way

Become a private practice leader with our coaching program

private practice coaching kong and way

Why we do what we do

Historically, high quality business coaching and consulting services have largely been unavailable to private practice owners, due to their high price tag as well as lack of insight into the allied health industry.

We experienced this undersupply of business support first-hand when working with private practice owners in the past. We noticed that hard-working practitioners trying to do good in the community by nurturing the mental and physical health of those around them were often exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out and feeling isolated.

So we decided to close this gap, by making available our expertise and experience to private practice owners in Australia in an affordable and approachable way.

We believe in the work that allied health practitioners do in Australia. And we do our part by supporting them to become excellent business leaders, thereby building stronger, and more sustainable practices.

Learn the skills to lead your private practice into sustainable growth

Meet the coaches

"...They are creative, innovative, discerning and business-savvy. They know just when to challenge me a little more, and when to provide perspective, understanding and support. ..."

Our promise to every one of our clients is that both of our coaches, Alistair Way and Danielle Kong, will be working on your growth plan. This means that you get two sets of eyes and different perspectives looking over your practice. By doing so, we ensure that our advice to you has been thoroughly considered and discussed against each coach’s own sets of standards.

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Alistair Way

Private Practice Coach

danielle kong crop

Danielle Kong

Private Practice Coach

Our purpose

To build allied health practice owners into business leaders.

The values we work with


Doing the right thing over what’s easy and comfortable


Developing and fostering a growth mindset for ourselves and our stakeholders


Championing open communication to establish and build trust


Equipping ourselves with the tools to allow flexibility and work-life balance

private practice coaching kong and way

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