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Hello, I'm
Danielle Kong

I'm a private practice business coach with a background in psychology and marketing.

In my work as a private practice coach at Kong & Way, I derive the most satisfaction from seeing our clients start to enjoy better work-life balance and re-ignite any lost passion for their work.

My love of organisation drives my guidance of private practice leaders around structure and data, while my background in the social sciences helps me to think creatively and remain people-focused.

Danielle Kong private practice coach

I can help you with...

Strategic thinking

Guiding you to ask bigger, better questions that are solution focused

Mindset change

Taking you from going with the flow to being in control of the future of your practice


Guiding you to find your unique brand identity and consistently deliver your message


Helping you to gain a habit of organising and prioritising your projects and the various aspects of your practice

My background

I completed a double major in psychology and criminology at The University of Melbourne with the goal of becoming a psychologist. After my bachelor’s, I decided to take a break to gain some work experience and stumbled upon a business admin position in a psychology business.

This is when that “a-ha!” moment happened for me. I realised my passion for business and entrepreneurship in this job, which in fact had been there since I was very young (my mum likes to tell stories about how I used to sell the lollies our neighbour would give me for free).

I grabbed this golden opportunity – combining my natural passion for business and appreciation for health – and learnt as much as I could about the intricacies of health businesses, the motivations involved, and the ways forward.

Fast forward a few years, Alistair and I launched Kong & Way with the goal of helping allied health business owners in the one way they need support – business. Since then, I’ve continued my education including various business analytics courses and a graduate certificate in Marketing.

Favourite quote:

“In a gentle way, you can
shake the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Outside of work...

Keeping fit

I like to keep fit at the gym in line with my fitness goals

Dining out

…then un-do my progress by constantly exploring new places to eat and drink

Indoor plants

My obsession with indoor plants is starting to worry my loved ones (but who doesn’t need 6 Monsteras in their lounge?!)


I’m also partial to a good podcast and welcome any recommendations!

Connect with me

Danielle Kong private practice coach