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Hi, I'm
Alistair Way

I’m a private practice business coach with more than 20 years of experience in business strategy and operations.

So often when our clients come to us they are unsure about how to take their business to the next level and are not confident in themselves or their ability to move the business forward. Helping our clients to move through the fog and find their inner business leader, translates to a business that is well led, organised and confident.

Combining my years of experience in private practice coaching with strategic and operational experience lets me guide our clients into becoming great business leaders.


I can help you with...

Growth strategy

Guiding you to develop a growth mindset and define your strategy in line with your private practice goals

Financial performance

Knowing what questions to ask and which levers to pull to improve your financial position

People planning and management

Helping you to plan in advance for the best people solutions based on forecast future needs

Leadership mindset

Building a toolkit of leadership skills and processes to help you create and maintain a leaders attitude

My background

I started my professional life as a consulting intern writing policy and operational procedure manuals before moving into retail operations and planning advisory.

Over the 20 years that followed I had the opportunity to work across a number of industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality and allied health. Being exposed to a variety of industry types has taught me the importance of a diverse experience and has given me the ability to tap into a board solution library.

My experience has been gained supporting businesses and business leaders in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Investing our time and energy into coaching business owners to believe in themselves and what is possible is a very satisfying way to spend a work day.

Favourite quote:

“A belief is not merely an
idea the mind possesses.
It is an idea that
possesses the mind”

- Robert Oxton Bolton

Outside of work...


I have two kids, both young adults now. I love spending time with them and watching them on their journey into adulthood. I also love babysitting my furry grandchild – Arley the black Labrador

Daily exercise

I love getting out for a good walk (or in my case roll) to start the day

Eating out

I love the opportunity to get out with friends for dinner and have new experiences


I love taking and sharing photos of things that catch my eye along the way

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