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Private Practice Coaching Program

Our one-on-one coaching program helps you build the skills to lead your private practice with confidence

Your private practice success starts from you

Business success is achieved from the top down. Learn the skills and habits of a successful practice leader to ensure your private practice journey is not only profitable and enjoyable, but sustainable.

Identify your true goals

Delve into your “why” to identify your private practice goals

Lead your team

Inspiring leaders lead inspired and committed teams

Grow sustainably

Build practical and replicable business strategies

Enjoy work-life balance

Work smarter, not harder, and reignite your passion
Private Practice Coaching Kong and Way

Does this sound like you?

Best results can be achieved when we are a great fit for each other. Our private practice coaching is most suitable for allied health practice owners in disciplines including psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy and other mixed-service practices, and who are...

Taking off fast

You’re running a successful practice that’s growing quickly, and are looking for structure to ensure stability and sustainable growth

Ready for something new

It’s all been smooth sailing for a while and you’re feeling itchy for something new and different – maybe a new service or an expansion…

Excited to do it right, the first time

You’re ready to get serious about private practice now after having one foot in, and want to set up for a solid future from the start

Become a private practice LEADER

We'll guide you to navigate your private practice through new projects and challenges, instead of getting led by it.

Some of your challenges

Running a private practice is difficult and stressful, and it's OK if you feel overwhelmed. Can you relate to these challenges?

High revenue but low profit

Struggling to recruit practitioners

Unsure of business goal or direction

Practice too dependent on me

No time to work on the business

Always putting out fires and getting derailed

Unable to take a solid break

Too much in my head, not enough on paper

Your private practice goals

Do your private practice goals look like any of these? Then you might be ready to become a LEADER.

I want to see fewer clients and work more on growing the practice

I want to increase my practice profitability and enjoy my life guiltlessly

I want to be clear about my future direction and the steps to get there

I want to know all my options and know how I can sell my business if I ever choose to

I want to build a solid and sustainable practice that can run without my supervision 24/7

I want to build a team who are connected on their vision, values and commitment

Private Practice Coaching Kong and Way
Private Practice Coaching Kong and Way

How we can help

The good news is that these challenges can be overcome! We'll coach you to...

Identify your goals

We’ll guide you to identify your true private practice goals and your “why”, and help you build business strategies based on them

Keep track of bite-sized tasks

We’ll help you to turn your big goals into bite-sized tasks and keep you accountable for completing them

Learn healthy business habits

We’ll help you learn healthy business habits that keep you on top of your finances, strategies and admin

Lead your team effectively

We’ll guide you to lead your team in a way that supports a culture of gratitude, commitment and professional development

Are you ready to LEAD your practice?

Join us now to learn how to lead your practice into sustainable growth

What you'll get from us

Once you decide you're ready to get started on your private practice transformation journey, the next steps are smooth and easy.

Private Practice Coaching Kong and Way

One-on-one coaching

You’ll get regular (fortnightly at minimum) coaching sessions with one or both of the Kong & Way coaches

Personalised plan and strategy

In private practice, one size doesn’t fit all! We’ll work with you to set business strategies that work for your private practice

Access to two coaches

You will have access to both of our experienced coaches – Al and Dani – allowing you to capitalise on their diverse skills and expertise

All of our resources

Once you join us, we’ll share all of our private practice resources with you from checklists to contract templates

Our systems

You’ll be added to our systems to keep on top of your regular tasks and homework as well as your overall progress more efficiently

Ad hoc access

Got questions or need support in between our sessions? No worries! We’re available for ad hoc support so you don’t have to wait until your next session

What you'll bring

Your mindset is an important ingredient in a successful coaching journey. Do the below qualities represent your attitude and mindset towards your private practice transformation?

Ambition and drive

You’re determined to achieve your definition of private practice success

Readiness for change

You’re prepared to do things differently than how you’ve always done

Eagerness to learn

You’re enthusiastic about learning new information and gaining new skills


You’re open-minded and not afraid to trust the process even if it’s not linear
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What our clients say

[Since I’ve been working with Kong and Way,] my business has become infinitely stronger and is growing exponentially. I now feel confident and excited about the future of my practice, whereas before, I felt overwhelmed, unsure, and despondent. I wish I had met them earlier.

Transitioned from solo practice to leading a team of 9

Psychology Practice Leader in VIC
They are creative, innovative, discerning and business-savvy. They know just when to challenge me a little more, and when to provide perspective, understanding and support.

Transitioned from break-even to profit with a team of 8 and seeing 2 clients per week

Psychology Practice Leader in NSW biggest regret is not meeting them sooner. It took me a long time to reach out and by the time I did – my business was really struggling. It has been a hard slog to turn things around, but in the space of 2.5 years the growth has been phenomenal.

Transitioned from break-even to profit with a team of 30+

Telehealth-Only Psychology Practice Leader

What happens next

Once you decide you're ready to get started on your private practice transformation journey, the next steps are smooth and easy.

1. Get started

Click on the button below to get started – it’s that simple!

2. An intro session

Meet the coaches to see if we’re a good fit with aligned goals and mindsets

3. Start your journey

Once we determine we’re a good fit, your journey begins!
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The purpose of the intro session is to see if we’re a good fit for each other in terms of our goals and mindset towards the private practice business journey. We’ll get to know each other as well as the history of your business and where you’d like to go next. We ask that you come prepared with your own questions for us and any information you’d like to share with us to help us understand your practice better.

Nope – the intro session is an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other and is free of charge.

The best way to gather the information you need in order to take action is to book an intro session with us. During the session you can ask the questions that are specific to your practice and circumstances. The intro session is a no-strings-attached call, and if we or you decide not to go ahead, that’s absolutely fine. So book a session, come along and ask away!

Book your intro session

Congratulations on deciding to take the first step towards becoming a competent and confident private practice leader! Simply click on the ``Book now`` button and find an intro session time that suits you.

If you can’t find any suitable session slots, reach out to us here to arrange a time.