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What our
clients say

We pride ourselves on not only helping you to transform into a private practice leader, but doing so with integrity, passion and kindness.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping transform our clients into competent, capable and confident business leaders who are set up to tackle future projects and unexpected hardships.

Our work doesn’t just stop after navigating you through particular projects, but continues through to preparing you for bigger and better things, as far as your dreams take you (the sky is the limit!).

Below is what some of our clients have to say.

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Become a private practice leader with our coaching program

Psychology Practice Leader in VIC

Transitioned from solo practice to leading a team of 9

K&W supported with:

  • Premises acquisition, negotiation and works
  • Company structure and set-up
  • Branding and company website
  • Recruitment of practitioners and admin staff
  • Internal systems and processes

[Since I’ve been working with Kong and Way,] my business has become infinitely stronger and is growing exponentially. I now feel confident and excited about the future of my practice, whereas before, I felt overwhelmed, unsure, and despondent. I wish I had met them earlier.

Al and Dani are both intelligent, talented, and creative, complementing each other nicely, but more importantly, they are compassionate and wise. Their astute business acumen and extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and private practice (including recruitment, people management, telehealth, marketing, social media, website design, practice management, project management, statistics, financial planning, training, and compliance) is balanced by deep empathy and concern for my wellbeing.

I look forward to our meetings as one of the highlights of my week – I feel both supported and challenged. I can contact them at any time during the week with questions and they always respond quickly and thoughtfully. I feel fortunate to call them both mentors and friends. They are like a part of our family. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Learn the skills to lead your private practice into sustainable growth

Psychology Practice Leader in NSW

Transitioned from break-even to profit with a team of 8 and seeing 2 clients per week

K&W supported with:

  • Lease negotiation
  • Cash flow management and financial planning
  • Team management and recruitment of practitioners and admin staff
  • Internal systems and processes and documentation

Since August of 2018, I have been very capably and compassionately accompanied on my business journey by Alistair and Danielle, the partners of Kong & Way. They have been there at my side, and on my side, sharing the growing pains of my business, as if it was their own.

They are great listeners and astute business advisers, with sharp brains and soft hearts, who strive to understand and “get” the unique complexities of the business owner, as well as the business.

They are creative, innovative, discerning and business-savvy. They know just when to challenge me a little more, and when to provide perspective, understanding and support. Our meetings always feel like we are on the same team, striving to make this thing work best for me, and my team.

It is simply a pleasure to work with them, and my business is definitely better off, having the benefit of their input.

Telehealth-Only Psychology Practice Leader

Transitioned from break-even to profit with a team of 30+, exclusive EAP contracts with major corporations, and an in-house admin team of 4

K&W supported with:

  • Cash flow management and financial planning
  • EAP contracts and negotiation
  • Team management and recruitment of practitioners and admin staff
  • Team upskilling and training
  • Branding and marketing review
  • Internal systems and processes and documentation

I have been working with Kong and Way for 2 .5 years (*as at February 2021) and my biggest regret is not meeting them sooner. It took me a long time to reach out and by the time I did – my business was really struggling.

It has been a hard slog to turn things around, but in the space of 2.5 years the growth has been phenomenal.

They each bring different strengths to the table. Alistair and Danielle support/advise me with everything from marketing, financial planning, compliance and even self care. The future of my business now looks very promising and I can honestly say, it is thanks to Kong and Way!

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